New Jersey Marine Construction Services

K-T Marine, Inc. is one of the most highly respected marine construction contractors in the Tri-State area.  We offer a variety of marine construction services from routine maintenance to extensive contract work – no job is too big or too small.

Piers and Docks:

We install piers and docks tailored to your property and needs while considering soil conditions, wind, current, tide, and governmental regulations. Our piers are built to last, providing decades of dependable use.  In addition to new installation, we frequently restore existing piers and docks suffering from corrosion, deterioration, or damage.


If you live or run a business on the water, your bulkhead is the foundation of your property.  Your bulkhead must be stout and stable, and whether by repairing or building new, we’ll ensure it is capable of protecting your property from erosion.  We can offer a wide range of bulkhead tie-back options designed to minimize the impact on your upland property.

Breasting and Mooring Dolphins and Cells:

We have extensive experience with construction of independent pile supported structures designed to withstand extreme breasting and mooring loads while keeping them from impacting your main pier or dock.  We have built and re-rung numerous sand-filled, concrete capped sheet pile cells in the area over the years.

This list of our services is not exhaustive; contact us for more information about the marine structures we build and maintain, and to discuss the specifications of your marine construction project.